Boss Academy to Stage ‘Shrek: the Musical, Jr.’

Thanks to the Whitman-Hanson Express for coming out to check out our Shrek the Musical, Jr. rehearsal!

Boss Academy to stage ‘Shrek: the Musical, Jr.’

HANSON — Since its release in 2001, “Shrek” has been a must-see movie for almost every family. Now, one local group is bringing it to the stage. Instead of spending their summer poolside, dipping their toes in the water, the students attending the summer musical theater program at Boss Academy of Performing Arts, located at 783 Main St. in Hanson, have been on their toes, working tirelessly to make their upcoming performance of “Shrek: The Musical, Jr.” a success. For the past three weeks, the cast has worked with the staff on everything from practicing their lines to learning how to tighten the straps on their costumes.

The show, “Shrek the Musical Jr.,” will take place at Hanover High School on Saturday, July 30. The first performance will start at 3 p.m. and the second at 7 p.m. Admission will cost $10.
KathyJo Boss, owner of Boss Academy of Performing Arts, is a New York University graduate with more than 35 years of performance training and experience, including Broadway, national musical theater tours, network television, motion pictures and entertainment industry production. Boss said this is the first time her studio will perform “Shrek,” which has her looking forward to this event. Boss said she believes in picking “Shrek,” it allows her studio to fully display the array of talents her students have to offer.
“We wanted to feature a large group of students,” Boss said. “And the show provides the opportunity to allow our students to do what they do best, act, sing and dance.”

Colleen McDonough is the director, Chris DiBenedetto is the musical director, Emily Sulock is the choreographer and Boss is the producer. Boss said she’s extremely proud of how far her students, which range from age 7-18, have come in the past three weeks. “It’s already a success,” Boss said. “The kids have already learned skills they can use not only in this performance but in future performances.”

The cast will feature: Michael Gorman as Shrek, Alexis Moulthrop as Princess Fiona, Ava O’Connor as Donkey, Trisha Cole as the Dragon, Britney Fortune as Pinocchio, Grayce Brown as Larry Farquaad, Emily Diehl as Gingy, Abby Lamb as Young Fiona/ Little Pig 1, Emma Rogers as Teen Fiona/Ugly Duckling, Isabelle Miller as Storyteller 1/ Puss N’ Boots, Bella Furtado as Storyteller 2/Dwarf, Olivia Karlberg as Storyteller 3, Melanie Quirke as Mama Ogre, Kevin Buchanan as Pape Orge/ Papa Bear, Jada Mclsaac as Young Shrek, Tyler Godbout as Captain of the Guard, Sammi Shisler as Big Bad Wolf, Morgan Cuervels as Little Pig 2, Caseley DiMestico as Little Pig 3, Kaylee Diehl as Wicked Witch, Ashley Anthony as Peter Pan, Kierra Mclsaac as Tinkerbell, Peyton Cuervels as Pied Piper/Dorothy Gale, Brenna Felming as Mama Bear, Hayden Sealey as Little Bear, Jacob Hill as the Butcher “Shrek The Musical Jr.” is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). Any authorized performance materials are also provided by MTI.

Photos by Stephanie Spyropoulos

Michael Gorman of Hanson, as lead character Shrek, tries to get a reaction from his love interest Princess Fiona played by Alexis Moulthrop.

'Morning Person' is performed by the cast during rehearsal Tuesday morning. 

From left to right: Caseley DiMestico, Tyler Godbout, Grayce Brown as Lord Farquaad, Emma Rogers and Kaylee Diehl per form a number.

Jacob Hill as The Knight threatens Pinocchio played by Britney Fortune of Hanson.