Boss Academy Dance Teams learn and perform at a high level, participating in some of the premier national dance competitions!  

Being a part of the Boss Dance Team is exciting and rewarding, but also a serious commitment made by students and families.  Attendance in all classes is vital for personal growth, group choreography and development as a class.  Talent, technical ability, stage presence, dedication, hard work, and a positive attitude are all considerations at Dance Team auditions.

2016 Competition Highlights

Platinum Awards - Top 5 Overall Teen Placements - Top 10 Overall Junior Placements - National Dance Team Invites

Special Awards

  • "Too Too Cute" Award - Select Team B - Beach Party on the Moon
    The judges made me want to be invited to this party!
  • "Electric Energy" Award - Select Team A - Cosmic Thing
    The judges said...your energy jumped off the stage!
  • “Cruisin’ to a Great Future” Award - Specialty Team - Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
    The judges said….what a great costume, and from the beginning, you had a lot of fun on stage and sent a lot of energy to the audience!
  • "You Love What You are Doing and It Shows!" - Katie Halpin – Queen Bee
    The judges said….you love to dance, your eyes and face just lit up while you were on stage, you had a lot of fun and so much energy! 
  • “Keeping it Real” Award - Kaylee Diehl – No Such Thing as Perfect
    The judges said….you gave a beautiful performance, you had a real connection to the choreography, and gave a truly honest performance!
  • "Elevation" Award - Shaun Collins - Titanium
    The judges achieved awesome elevation with your amazing jumps and leaps!
  • "God Given Gift" Award - Kaylee Diehl - No Such Thing as Perfect
    The judges can learn to dance, but you have a God given gift and a passion for this choreography.

Space – Production Number

  • Platinum Awards
  • Top score and the Highest Overall Score for Production
  • Special Judges Award -  “Explosion of Energy!”
    The judges said…it was a complete performance with great costume, hair and makeup. Your energy bounced off the stage…you killed it!
  • Special Juges Award -  "Out of this World!"
    The judges said...there were so many elements in this piece and all of the parts just worked together for an out of this world performance!
  • People's Choice Award
  • Most Entertaining Award


  • Miss Petite Dance Ovations – Emily Diehl
  • Mr. Teen Dance Ovations – Shaun Collins
  • Mr. Teen Turn it Up - Shaun Collins